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How to Overcome Inner Fear in COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Overcome Inner Fear in COVID-19 Pandemic
April 14, 2020
yog darshan overcome inner fear in covid-19
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At this time in our lives, we are facing a real scare all over the world. Fear has taken over human kind irrespective of national boundaries.

To overcome the current situation where the world is facing the Coronavirus or the COVID-19 pandemic, let us self audit our inner selves and reach a stage where we may all conquer the fear and live a positive daily life.

The Yog Darshan in first chapter, Sutra 30 says that all these listed conditions (and more) are obstacles or distractions of the mind, that is manas or the chit or the conscious sub-conscious self. The conditions being:

1. sickness,
2. sloth,
3. dullness,
4. doubt,
5. indulgence,
6. confusion,
7. instability.

The next sutra, Sutra 31 says:
1. pain,
2. sorrow,
3. despair,
4. dejection,
5. nervousness
are all companions of the distractions.

One may include levels of fear in the above conditions too.

The Yog Darshan further explains that if these obstacles and distractions or conditions are there, they arise out of our lack of true knowledge, low self confidence, dis-trust in the authorities or system, trusting wrong or false information or lack of dedication and commitment to The Truth and Only Truth.

Thus search within and find the right suitable winning solution to the fear.

1. Gain true knowledge:

The real situation – what one needs to do, what one’s own strengths and weaknesses are, how one can best protect self, and near ones. In case one contacts the virus, what are the next best steps, etc.

2. Why is confidence taking the hit?

Why am I scared? The sense of fear or scare has arisen from inside me, it is my inside that knows how to fight and overcome. I was scared to ride a bike, but I did. I was scared of water but I am a swimmer. So many situations in life have posed a scare, but I survive and win. This time too I will win.

3. Adhere to what the authorities and the system is asking each to follow.

Be careful and do not take chances. It is not courageous to disobey, but plain stupid. There are dos and don’ts spelled out clearly, there are community encouragement steps being asked to follow, just do it.

4. Stay away

Stay away from gossip, biased and political ideology tainted media, rumors and one’s own biases prejudices.

5. Have faith and trust the true emotion of prayer.

Pray with pure heart and mind, know that the Creator, Almighty is the final Truth and trust in His benevolence. Dedicate each breath, each moment thanking Him for his protection, support and help.

Best wishes to all, Namaste.

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