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6 Factors That Influence and Bind Human Relationships

6 Factors That Influence and Bind Human Relationships
March 10, 2020
Vedic Teachings
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All humans are created different from each other. The list of variants is huge. They vary in their looks, behaviour, intellect, understanding, reactions, language, habits, attitudes, expectations and what have you.

It is truly a blessing that so much of a vast choice is there. Each one of us find another one that becomes a soul mate.

Yet, there are common factors that dominate, influence and mould all the human beings. These factors become ingredients to all human relationships.

Take a look at some of these factors:

1. Compassion: Towards all human beings

2. Respect: Unconditionally for all

3. Values: Stay committed to one’s word, the value system

4. Sharing: All of us need to share all world resources

5. Basics: Be truthful, honest, kind, appreciative

6. Love: generally for all humans and specifically for the soul mate

Only such thoughts that find commonality and universality bind us together leading to a blissful life.

(Nyay Darshan: 4/1/34,35,36)

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