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Immigration to Canada

Hindu Mandir Durham warmly welcomes all immigrants in our community. We are a social group built out of immigrants. We stand by each other and for each one of us. At Hindu Mandir Durham all immigrant issues, discussions, suggestions and solutions are welcome with an open mind. Do share and get in touch with us on any issue regarding immigrants in Canada or immigration to Canada from India or elsewhere.

Professional help is now available through professional advice on matters regarding immigration to Canada from an Immigration Case Coordinator.

If you require information, counselling or advice on:
  • Permanent Resident visa
  • Student/study visa
  • Work permit/visa
  • Visitor visa
  • Spousal sponsorship/visa
  • Family sponsorship
  • Business/investor visa
It might be that you are moving to Canada on:
  • On Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds
  • As a Home Care Provider
  • As a Refugee

We will help you get in touch with Immigration consultancy services experts who will take away all your tensions and effectively work on your case towards success. Nothing pleases us more than to bring peace to a restless mind.

Help has been provided to hundreds of immigration candidates who come and settle in Canada. A thorough professional and trustworthy approach is needed for Canada immigration.

Contact Immigration Case Coordinator at Peeyush@visarete.com or call/whatsapp at 1-416.577.8178.

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Contact us at: welcome@hindumandirdurham.com |
1 416 577 8178