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Daily Meditation Tips 6

Daily Meditation Tips 6
April 20, 2020
daily meditation tips 6
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Today let us reaffirm:

1. Practicing to sit in relaxed mode in sukh asan or with folded legs or even on a small stool and if nothing works, then a chair

2. Back must be straight and neck in line. Not forward, not backward, just straight in line. That little forward curve at lower back is preferred

3. Being with own self, practicing silence

4. Bring the mind to focus, concentrate

5. Use a book to train the mind, or an external help, such as a candle, or a spot

6. Use the OM chanting, soft slow, to bring the mind to focused concentration

In our next post, we will talk a little more on external help.

Best wishes and Namaste

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~ Watch this space for more Meditation Guidance from Hindu Mandir Durham

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