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Customized Conversational Hindi Language Classes

Customized Conversational Hindi Language Classes
November 12, 2020
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Customized Conversational Hindi Language Classes designed for each participant’s specific need:

* One may just wish to converse in Hindi
* Or plan a visit to India and needs to make it workable by knowing the in-use daily purpose lingo
* Or rise to a level to understand rich Hindi language to study literature
* Or even impart to kids so that they may keep in touch with the language
* Or simply get a better understanding of the expressions in Hindi to follow the Bollywood cinema and songs

Ask for a time slot in any weekday and join our online Hindi class
Each session is 40 minutes

Pick between 9.30 am and 8 pm and confirm availability

First session will include assessing your level and need with first learning experience

Call or WhatsApp 1-416.577.8178 to start now!
Or email: welcome@hindumandirdurham.com

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