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Hindu Heritage Month Celebrations in Markham

Hindu Heritage Month Celebrations in Markham
November 25, 2020
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Since 2016 the City of Markham has dedicated the month of November as Hindu Heritage Month, the city hall witnesses a 2 and half hour program each year. However, owning to COVID restrictions, this year a shorter and sober program was held on Sunday 22 November, at the Vedic Cultural Centre on 14th Avenue, Markham.

Members of Parliament, Bob Saroya and Logan Ganapathy graced the occasion with the Deputy Mayor or Markham, Don Hamilton. Yash Kapur was the main organizer and it was a truly crisp time bound program of high quality.

After ceremonial lighting of lamps, Yash Kapur introduced the guests. Young volunteer, Tirath sang a well composed song, Hindu jaagega to vishwa jaagega.

Peeyush Sharma of Hindu Mandir Durham delivered the keynote address highlighting the essential facts and ingredients of Hinduism that were very apt and crisp as well understood and appreciated by all.

Peeyush Sharma
Peeyush Sharma delivering the keynote address

Hemant Panwar with his talented wife, and daughter delivered 3 excellent bhajans with tabla accompaniment by his son.

Hemant Panwar
Hemant Panwar with his wife and daughter singing bhajans

Don Hamilton spoke about the situation and safety measures being adopted by the city owing to COVID situation.

Bob Saroya appreciated in his kind words the keynote address by Peeyush Sharma and thanked Tirath and Hemant and family for their singing.

Logan Ganapathy said Hinduism was an ocean of knowledge.

Logan Ganapathy addressing the audience

Certificates of appreciation, as a mark of their work for the community, were given out, signed by Bob and Logan, to Peeyush Sharma, Hemant Panwar, Dharmendra Dholakia (community voluteer).

Gift hampers were also given to Peeyush and Hemant.

The event ended with distribution of sweet boxes. It was a short yet memorable event supporting the cause of Hindu Heritage in Canada.

Bob Saroya and Don Hamilton
Peeyush Sharma receiving (Left) certificate from Bob Saroya (MP) and (Right) gift hamper from Don Hamilton (Mayor)

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