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Daily Meditation Tips – 1

Daily Meditation Tips – 1
March 20, 2020
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Meditation takes practice. Start sitting in sukh or siddha asana for some time with your back fully straight. If the knees can come down while sitting the back tends to get straight. Use a cushion or a support under to sit on if need be. Then start concentrating on your breath.

Slow down the breathing and make it relaxed and slower, one in and one out breadth in 15 to 20 seconds, do not hold at any end.

Let the mind go where ever it does, then bring it back. Reprimand it a little, so that it cares to listen next time and behaves.

Do this again and again.

In about 45 to 60 days of daily practice you will start putting your disciplined mind on your breath.

Once this happens, you will know its time for the next lesson.

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