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Follow the Path of Ahimsa

Follow the Path of Ahimsa
March 15, 2020
ahimsa meditation
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Intentionally or unintentionally, willingly or unwillingly, when a being (particularly human) hurts another, or even one’s own self; inflicts pain and suffering, physical or mental or emotional, through ones actions, words or even thoughts, it becomes an act of Hinsa (Himsa).

Both the instincts, divine and evil are attached to all beings at birth. The life’s struggles lead one to be more bent towards one instinct over the other. Right from the childhood one starts showing the signs of this balance and its’ tilt. Through the years of growing and work, one becomes stronger in one’s commitments, led by desires, aggression, greed, attractions, loves, hatefulness, jealousy, prejudices, likes and dislikes, and most importantly the ego. All these lead to make a character or a particular person and shape his/her behaviour, actions, words and thoughts.

These inflictions attached to the mind, intellect and soul of a person make one commit Hinsa. This eventually draws the doer to internal pain and discomfort, external pain and disease, acts of violence, cheating, arguments, disrespect, conflicts and what have you. It is simply put, pain in every form.

To stay away from all of it, from the path of Hinsa, one needs to follow the doctrine of Yoga and Yama that emphasizes on Ahimsa. How to train, control and pacify one’s mind, intellect and body to follow the path of Ahimsa becomes the basic first condition to adhere to. Yoga is designed for over all improvement of each person, physical, moral, mental, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual.

Practice Yoga in its complete form, the entire Astang Yoga and attain bliss in this life.

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