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About Us

Hinduism is a Way of Life

Very unique and original, Hinduism follows the philosophy that asks all to be a good human, aligned well with nature, with the planet, with other humans and living beings and with one’s own true inner self.

There is no one person or one thought or one book that started Hinduism. It allows the freedom to all who adhere to follow what one deems the best and suitable.

Ever since humans set foot on Mother Earth, Hinduism has been there. Spread through the mantras of the Vedas that are omnipresent via wavelengths in the atmosphere available to any one through deep meditation, explained in multiple layered manner through Upnishads, Puranas, Darshans, Geeta and teachings of hundreds of Gurus.

Our purpose at Hindu Mandir Durham is very humbly to pass this message of Hinduism to all those interested in truly knowing and building a society of good natured human beings. We aim to clear any doubts, answer questions and establish faith and support for Hinduism.

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